Troubleshooting Sourdough Bread


Hi Everyone, 

Im really new on this. I have 2 starters about 2 weeks old. 1 is whole wheat and the 2 is ap flour and whole wheat. Both of them are 100% hydration. 

i have few problems i would like if you can help me with. i fead my startes daily, every 20 hours. When im planing to bake i refresh my starter, after around 7 to 8 hours its allready double in size and i guees ready to use. Temperature in my kitchen is around 80F to 85F. I mix all the ingredients together and autolyse for abour 20 to 30 mins. Then ive tryed kneading, slap and fold, folding every 15 minutes and i cannot seem to make the dough look nice, its always too sticky and a big mess. 

Can someone help me pass this step so i can continue on. 


Thanks Allot


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