Tartine Loaf Problems



I would really appreciate some help troubleshooting my last bake. I’ve been baking sourdough loaves successfully for the last 4 months, and so was very disappointed when I cut into my loaf this morning. 

It’s my first time following completely Chad Robertson’s Tartine recipe. I used his young leaven, which passed the float test but didn’t show a lot of activity. And I used white bread flour instead of my regular all purpose. It spent about 3 hours at 80 F for bulk ferment. then was shaped and spent 12 hours in the fridge before baking. I’ve used a similar method before, but with a very active leaven, and the results were excellent! Although these loaves looked normal, and interior temp reached 210 F at the end of baking, the crumb was abysmal. 

Crumb: On both loaves there were very large holes around the outside, and a dense gummy interior. The loaves have a slightly sour flavour. Is this overpoofing or under proofing? Could it be due to using a young leaven? 

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! 

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