Starting starter problem--newbie


Hi, hoping for some help trouble shooting my starter:

Fresh ground flour, very pure filtered water, temp right around 70 F.

Started w/ rye and water at equal volumes so about pancake batter consistency.

First vew bubbles at 24 hours so fed it. 5-6 hours later it had exploded to 2 1/2 times in size at least so fed it again. And again, this time more like 4-5 hours 2-3X size increase. Repeat...repeat...  Switched to kamut flour which is what I wanted to maintain with. Again KABOOM!

Couple more times and almost no odor still, very very faint, not really sour. Decided to slow it down partly for convenience but also because have read that is a good way to increase sourness.  So that feeding added a lot more flour than water so thickness more like yogurt.

And...nothing, not a hint of a bubble. After 24 hours still nothing so fed it again and still nothing. Yesterday morning fed w/ rye and thinned it back out so maybe like yesterday's pancake batter if you know what I mean. And again last night fed w/ rye. This morning still nothing.

So what happened to all that explosive growth??? Any ideas greatly appreciated!


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