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Ok so am new here, but i want to share my journey with my new found hobby sourdough bread . Over 2 years ago i made a s.d starter and it was wonderful , i don't know why I ever let it go but i did, i guess me not being able to master baking the bread it self has alot to do with it. This year however i made a new starter, and start baking after watching like a zillion on videos on YouTube about it , and am happy to report that i nailed it , i found out after purchasing a scale that my measurement was way off that was the main reason I failed before, l advice anyone without a scale to get it, really when it comes to baking it's a must. So I've become bakaholic, and couldn't stop making sourdough bread, also my neighbors wr loving it. For the last 6month i've Been baking s.d bread non stop, and even though am happy with my new hobby, i noticed that my starter is alot slower than the one i made before and it took me like 14 days to get it going the first time , and another thing it never passes double when it rises.the old one used to triple some times, any way i decided to make another starter along with this one, the new starter which I named (nate) how ever is superior to any one i ever had before, first it only took about 5 days to get it going and then not only it doubled but triple sometimes, it starts bubbling after like an hour or so after feeding, I noticed something else that after feeding it, and go through the rising and falling sycle, it rises again , strange especially compared to the main one that am still using, which it didn't have a name btw, the only one was named was nate the last an strongest one, fyi whoever said that s.d bread dough can't double is lying. because this dough certainly did, i've made bread using it for the first time yesterday, and put it in a big bowl after shaping for the final rise, but i fell asleep while am waiting and i guess i underestimate its power, because all i slept was 4 hours plus another 30 mnts before that , when i opened the microwave (i use a turned off microwave to prove the dough) not only it rised to the top of the bowl which its like triple and continue rising over and to the microwave platform, from the outside looking at it with the door closed, all u see i dough. I've never had a rise like that. That's so cool I love it.
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