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Hi everyone.  I'm new here.  I've been making sourdough for a couple of months now and just ran into something curious and wondered if anyone knows how to fix it.  My sourdough starter is fed with wheat flour and literally rises more than double.  However, suddenly all I see are wee little bubbles....and I have to look super hard to see them!  What happened to my big bubbles and how do I get them back?

The dough still rises just fine, except that it doesn't have those big airy pockets in it sad.

Any ideas???

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Lrs52200 2020 May 11

I want to be clear that the starter literally rises more than twice its original amount and bakes just fine....but I want those "large" air pockets in it again....they just disappeared when my starter began showing only wee little bubbles, about the size of 1/4 of a BB pellet.

Lrs52200 2020 May 12

Okay, so I took my starter (without diminishing it) and poured it into a gallon container, added equal amounts of wheat flour and warm water, aerated it...and now I"m seeing the larger bubbles again.  Not sure why....The starter fills (at full rise) about 1/3 of the jar.  The bubbles aren't gigantic, but they are certainly larger than what I was seeing in the quart jar.  How could a larger jar have an impact on the size of the air bubbles in the starter????  IDK, but I'll be baking with this tomorrow....


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