roulades nicoise

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<p>Ingredients for 30 rolls </p> <p>@ rolls dough</p> <p>558 g = 90% wheat (ash 0.8%)<br /> 62 g = 10% whole rye (ash 1.7%)<br /> 12 g = 1.9% salt<br /> 9 g = 1.5% olive oil<br /> 378 g = 61% liquid levain (ash 1.1%; water 100%)</p> <p>@ cream filling (mixed emulsion)</p> <p>124 g = 20% anchovies, (conservating old oil removed)<br /> 17 g = 2.7% fresh olive oil<br /> 10 g = 1.7% fresh herbs:<br /> *rosemarin, *thyme, *salvia, *basil, *chives<br /> 45 g = 7% lemon juice<br /> and...<br /> a tiny dust of dianthus</p> <p>NOW: the desired total yield is 1500 g.<br /> Now to produce the two doughs!</p> <p>@ preparing the rolls dough</p> <p>* do short kneads of the levain with the dry ingredients and the water in the first 30 minutes<br /> * allow 2:30 hours bulk time with one fold after 1:15<br /> * flattening on a working surface to a desired 100 x 60 cm with a rolling pin. Don't tear ist. Give intermediate times for the dough to relax!</p> <p>@ preparing the cream: use a good chef's knfe and a small mixer would be nice</p> <p>AT LAST: need good nerves for the combining next steps...</p> <p>* spreading: thoroughly cream the dough's surface with the thin spicy layer<br /> * cutting: do 5 slices with 12 x 100 cm<br /> * rolling: carefully roll the long slices without tearing the dough, lightly flour the surface with fine rye, corn or semolina. See? With some training you'll become a star chef ;)<br /> * poofing: seam side down, with slight torsion<br /> *baking: at 250 degrees C; 12 minutes with normal steam</p> <p>@ tasting: best 30 minutes after bake with beer ;)unbelievable!</p> <p>ps: all steps will be best at available room temperatures.</p>
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