My First Loaf (Using Emmer Wheat)


I finally am able to upload photos....Yayy!!!!! I have documented my first effort from start to finish..the loaf itself was a little dense and not very high but I thought that might be because it was wholemeal flour (any suggestions would be most welcome) In any case, I'm seriously chuffed that I managed to produce a loaf of what looks and (amazingly) tastes like bread!!! I'm going to experiment with a few different types of flour to see if I get a different result. Should I use the same starter (Emmer Wheat) or should I make up an entirely new batch? I think I still need to perfect my shaping also.....will this lack of ability result in a flatter loaf or is it something else that I'm doing wrong??? Suggestions please.....I'm grateful for any help I can get from those with more than a loaf's experience.

Happy Baking XXXX


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