My first loaf failed

Can someone tell me what went wrong? I'm really new to making sourdough. I have made a strong starter from scratch by mixing 2oz of water and flour and adding it to 2oz of starter. My starter is doubling in size, has a fruity aroma and lots of bubbles. I used this recipe to make two small loafs. They were rising beautifully, I slashed them and put them in the oven. Not only did they come out really pale but they're cracked on the bottom. Do you have any insights?
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oldman 2018 November 9

I'm not crazy about the recipe you used.  I wouldn't advise mixing baker's/active dry yeast and starter.  It's not going to give you the flavor profile you want and most of the rise is the yeast, not the starter.  The cracking/seperation/tearing is caused by too rapid a rise and the dough is probably continuing to rise while it's baking.  With sourdough you usually slash the loaf to avoid that cracking.  It's less of a problem there because even sourdough with big bubbles in it still takes at least twice as long to raise as regular yeast breads. 

Check the recipe section of this site.  Find a recipe that uses only flour, water, salt, and starter.  Nothing fancy, just a basic sourdough.  Try again with a recipe that's not correcting for mistakes you didn't make and you should have more success.  If you want to retry your original recipe, use half as much of the rapid rise yeast you used the first time.

Rfox2014 2018 December 11

Did you bake in a dutch oven?  I recommend you read up more on sourdough making.  There is an excellent book called “flour, water, salt, yeast’ that is great for building your foundation of knowledge.  Think of it as a bread bible, if you will

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