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Last week I recieved a sourdough starter from my aunt. It had an intense aroma (including a strong paint smell). Now after having taken care of it feeding it twice a day 1:1:1, it is losing its aroma intensity (thankfully also the paint smell is disapearing). It peeks before I refeed it but it doesnt collaps very much. I feed it 2/3 wholemeal rye flour and 1/3 plain white flour. I store it at around 72 degrees. My aunt bakes with it once a week, storing it in the refrigerator and adds salt to the sourdough starter. I am not adding salt to the sourdough starter.

I baked my first sourdough bread ever yesterday using the starter and a second using another recipe this morning. Seeing it is my first, I am quite happy with the results, but ideally the crumb should have been more light and airy like in the recipes. The second loaf could maybe have been proofing a bit longer, but I imagine that if my starter had been stronger, I could have gotten better results as well? I have attached a photo of the bread. 

So, any tips on what I could do differently to increase aroma and hopefully strength of my sourdough starter?


Thank you in advance


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