First sourdough, slightly sticky and little rise


Hi all,

With some extra time working from home i'm now attempting to make sourdough. I have a starter which  i started appx 2 weeks ago, and feed daily (25g starter, 50g rye / 50g bakers flour / 100g water).

The last 2 days ive now attempted to make sourdough but it seems unsuccessful.

Attempt 1

Attempt 1 - dough was sticking in the middle, not much rise.


Attempt 2

There are more photos at each stage during the process. The tall glass is my starter, the mixing jar is my Levine. During both attempts i followed the below video to the rule.

Throughout the whole process the dough seemed generally quite sticky and when proofing the doubling in size didnt seem comparible when following the video

My take aways from the second attempt, there is very little air so perhaps it was over-worked, eventhough i took care in handling after its 4hours rise during the folds.

Would the rise and sticky/glugginess be attributed to the starter and levine?


Something ive noticed with my starter, it doesnt get a nice bubbly creamy texture on the surface, and for the first 3-4hrs there is little rise or movement. Towwards the last 1-2hrs it does double in size and lots of bubbles under the surface and on the glass jar.

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