I tried to make the White-Wheat Blend (Ode to Bourdon) bread from the Tartine Book No. 3 by Chad Robertson. I used the King Arthur Whole Wheat Flour (whole grain) 50%, KA Whole Grain Flour Blend 25%, and KA White Whole Wheat flour 25%, 15% mature sourdough Leaven. 85% hydration and 7% KA Havest Grains Blend. Due to the types of wheat used, I left it for overnight autolyse to counter the bitterness. The next day I added the salt (2.5%)and the last 50g of water for the final mix after the autolyse period and left it bulk rise for 4 hours, folding and turning it every 30 minutes. The dough became a batter instead of becoming billowy and elastic, it wouldn't even increase in volume.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to remedy this or input on what could of went wrong with the dough.

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