CoolEdge AC Review - Does Cooledge Air Cooler Work?


Are the hot days in summer troubling you? Add to it the pocket-pinch for paying the electricity bills. In this CoolEdge review, we will present an air cooler that will make your summer comfy at a low energy cost.

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What is Cool Edge Portable Air Conditioner?

This air cooler is a budget-friendly alternative to air conditioners. This device is compact, energy-efficient, and can cool any space within minutes. Besides, it has advanced evaporation technology to ensure the supply of cool and fresh air. Further, it’s a 3-in-1 device, functioning as an air cooler, air humidifier, and air cleaner at the same time.

The portable cooling device has a speed setting option. So, you can adjust it and get your desired temperature. Also, unlike the wall-mounted ACs, you can place this air cooler in any corner of the room. Therefore, the device can even be your on-the-go cooling solution.

Thanks to its 3-in-1 mechanism, it removes dust particles, dirt, and debris from the air. Besides, it maintains the right humidity in the air, especially on hot and dry days.

We must also mention that this air cooler device is noiseless. Therefore, it will maintain a peaceful environment when you are working, sleeping, or just spending your leisure.

Enjoy Cool Breeze without Feeling the Heat in Your Pocket

An air cooler that is easy to purchase, does not need any installation, and consumes lesser energy! And this is the Cool Edge air cooler for you. Let’s know why it’s a value-for-money product for you.

The air cooler runs on batteries. You can recharge the batteries once, and the device will keep functioning for 7 to 12 hours. Besides, while doing our review, we found that it consumes very little energy to get recharged. Naturally, the minimal energy consumption will keep your electricity bills in check. Further, unlike conventional Acs, CoolEdge does not need servicing, enabling you to cut down the maintenance costs.

Even if you are concerned about the aesthetics of your space, this air cooler device will be a perfect pick. It is available in two color options. You can buy the device in the white or dark green shade as per your choice.

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