Beautiful big hole loaf from Pane Francese 1 flavorless & gummy

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During the Big Snow in Portland Oregon I stayed home and decided to make a loaf or two...

Using the Pane Francese with a few minor mods this beautiful loaf came out. Not sour, kinda gummy, but better after it's toasted.

Original Pane Francese recipe below followed by my modified recipe:

180g starter (36%)

320g water (64%)

450g white bakers flour (90%)

50g wholemeal flour (10%)

10g salt (2%)

Modified to:

180g starter

300g water <- less water

400g white bread flour

25g Light Rye Flour

25g Spelt Flour

50g Wheat Flour

10g Salt

12g Honey <- added honey for some sweetness.

Mixed all the water and flours and refrigerated 12 hours.

Added starter, salt & honey. Mixed 10 minutes using Trevor Wilson's mixing method:

Refrigerated another 10 hours.

Pulled from fridge, warmed for an hour and started the knead using Trevor Wilson's kneading method. Same video as above.

Repeated knead every half hour for 3 kneads.

Shaped and set in round banneton to rise for 2 hours.

Prepped oven @550 after 1 hour with pizza stone and my homemade cloche. Heated 1 hour.

Placed the dough on a parchment paper on my pizza peel, hit with 1 spray of misty water and placed in the oven, covering with the homemade cloche.

Baked 15 minutes. Removed cloche. Looking good, great oven rise.

Finished with another 25 minute bake.

Removed to cool with a kitchen towel covering overnight.

Beautiful loaf with little flavor, no sour, and kinda gummy, or at least still moist.

I'm thinking of adding more salt and sugar. The starter has been being fed daily for a week and rises like crazy, smelling beautifully sour. I don't know what else to try.

Suggestions? Comments? Help?



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Jibsman 2017 January 14

Forgot to mention I saw a post somewhere that over fermenting or over proofing can cause a gummy bread? The dough didn't fall when I turned it out to bake, so I didn't think it had over proofed.

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