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Hi all,

I am looking to upscale my home baking a bit. No enough to warrant (or afford) a dedicated micro-bakery oven like a Rofco, but I need to work out how to affordably upscale. Currently I am baking one loaf at a time inside a dutch oven utilising the self-steaming method. I have a fairly small but standard sized oven.

Has anyone got any personal experiences or recommendations? I had thought of purchasing a rectangular baking stone and trying to bake two batards in one go on that, but I am unsure if that would work and how plagued with issues and difficulties it could be - e.g. heat distribution, loaves needing to be loaded perfectly or else risk touching, only being able to bake small loaves.

Can anyone offer any suggestions or personal experiences for attempting to bake larger volumes of bread at home? A lot of inspiring bakers I follow on social media such as Instagram tell their story that they started from baking bread at home and selling it to neighbours, etc. however I cannot fathom how they were able to bake a sufficient volume in a home oven to make selling loaves a remotely realistic venture... One loaf at a time each one taking 40ish minutes does not sound viable to me.. they must have had other methods!


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Sarah Kamienny 2017 July 17

Hi there,

I just came across your post and I have exactly the same questions that you do. I would like to start selling my loaves to friends/acquaintances but baking 1-2 breads at a time doesn't make sense. Have you had any success in researching this topic? I would greatly appreciate any advice!

thank you,


Loafer 2017 July 20

I have 2 pizza stones and have succesfully baked 2 loaves at once.

Ive been doing the no knead lately with a sourdough twist in the cast iron and the ceramic cooker but its a tight fit

Ive just ordered an oblong ceramic cloche from Ebay it should be here next week to try it out.

So I can get a longer loaf, better for  slicing for toast

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