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Finally after a lot of mucking around with making my starter, reading & re reading this site and making several genuine house bricks....... my dough is rising. Had to tell someone who cares and it will be going in the oven really soon!!!! Then I will need to check out some yummy recipes. I have been just concentrating on getting my starter to work. I am totally new to all this and loving it so far.

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Bill44 2006 March 17

coffinsgirl, why not sign up as a member and tell us what you have been doing. We're all here to help each other so don't be shy to ask for help. We all need it at times.

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qahtan 2006 March 18

Hi Coffins girl.
I know just how you feel to finally get that sourdough to work.....;-))))
I am happy for you...... qahtan

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COFFIN GIRL 2006 March 18

Baked off my bread, with a water tray in the bottom and after 30 minutes pulled out the two best sourdough loaves I have ever seen. Yummo!! I was so excited I wrapped one in a calico bread bag, jumped on my scooter & visited my friend Helen who has been my human Guinea Pig throughout. Together we shared a loaf with lashings of butter and vegemite. Fantastic.. Now I have a second batch on the go trying to duplicate my success. I am just hoping I didnt fluke it and I AM really clever.

Just a question from this egomaniac here...... With all the different recipes I tried, I put about 1/3 wholemeal flour in this successful batch rather than all white - would that make the difference? I was getting so disallusioned that I didnt think I would continue but now..... brimming with enthusiasm.

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Bill44 2006 March 18

The wholemeal will definitely alter the flavour, and it will absorb a bit more water than bakers flour and dry your mix out a little, maybe that was the trick. Next time you do an all white try reducing the hydration a bit (less water) try say 30gm or even 50 gm less water.
Its amazing how you have to adjust recipes to suit things like your yeast, your flour, and adjust to suit your oven etc etc.
I do a lot of cooking and my golden rule with any new recipe has always been, 3 times to get it right. 1st to religously follow the recipe, second to correct mistakes, 3rd to adjust to the way I want it.

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