Sour Dough Bakers wholesale supply in QLD

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Hi there!

Just wondering if any of you 'sour dough connissers' know of a good wholesale bakery in QLD (besides Sol Breads?)

We would much appreciate any response

Thanks & Regards

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Graham 2006 January 22

Hi Meghan

South East Queensland?

My suggestion is to contact Les at Crystal Waters [url][/url]. He can supply the immediate area around Maleny and also makes a trip to Noosa Markets. Les also knows of several bakeries in the Noosa - Cooroy area that will be able to help you if he can not. Les (07) 5494 4779

Closer to Brisbane, other than Sol, there is a conventional bakery that I would classify as "emerging artisan". Uncle Bobs have an increasing range of artisan breads. Specify exactly what you want e.g. 100% sourdough, organic flour, etc. to see if they can provide for your needs. Phone Brett (07) 0411 66 2288

We will be placing more details of Crystal Waters and Uncle Bobs on this site shortly, and hopefully Sol as well.


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