Master Baker-Seeks Position in Australia

 Master Baker-Ttechnologist-Moving to Australia

European trained Canadian Master-Baker with 25 plus years International Artisan/Commercial baking expertise seeks Developmental/Senor Position in Australia.

Diverse exp in various sour dough wheat and none wheat grain based bacteria culture developments, sprouted wheat products,gluten/yeast/wheat free products,  freezer to oven croissant/danish products, using close to 50 seeds beans grains in bread/baked goods production.

Also make pastries/cookies/bagels/squares/pies/savory goods. have expertise incorporating; ;Mediteranian/British/Jewish/German/French/Eastern European/North American/Asian baking formats and technologies.

I also cook East Indian/Chineese/Italian style.

Have extensive laboratory/new product/business/franchising  develpment hands on experience, adoptive/flexible great coach unique human resource skills ,had worked with over 80 different natiolaties, in close to 36 countries on 4 continents, hard working, goal focused, reliable and very talented professional.

I am seeking a full time long term position with an established company, or an up and coming firm who are ready to unfold and take the high street to culinary arts , where reward for massive tangible results is in the cards...

[email protected]   or [email protected]  or   0044-796-562-4744

Cv upon request.

Call me anytime, write or leave a mesage

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