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Juju Bread specialises in sourdough and gourmet boutique breads, all baked in the traditional artisan style. All products are made by hand, from scratch, with all natural ingredients. Nothing artificial and no preservatives or improvers.

Owned & operated by Tony Stewart, registered member of the Artisan Baking Association, Tony began baking in 1992 for Delifrance (no longer in Australia). He side-stepped into management after 4 years baking and spent the next 17 years in various sales, customer service and management positions before returning to baking with a vengeance in 2009 after applying for Masterchef.

Since then Tony has been completely committed to baking and has even found himself following his Masterchef dream after having done work experience for Vincent Gadan at Patisse and also worked for Justin North at Becasse Bakery.  At Becasse he worked directly with the chefs from the Becasse restaurant to develop breads that match their degustation menu. Tony has also taught classes on sourdough at the Quarter 21 Cookery School.

His years of experience in sales, customer service and management has become invaluable as, combined with his skill and passion for baking, it has allowed Tony to launch and run Juju Bread in February 2013 to a great response. Juju Bread’s entire range has been developed by Tony, including the levain used in their entire range, and includes an exclusive range of Infusion Bread that must be tasted to be believed. Tony bakes all the breads fresh on the day of sale and also runs market stalls at The Sunset Markets, Ipswich, QLD and Springfield Markets, Springfield, QLD with more stalls soon to come.


Juju Bread is in the process of securing a supply of Certified Bio-Dynamic Stoneground Flour from a local grower. A limited range of loaves are now produced using this flour and made from 100% Bio-Dynamic Stoneground Levain.

Ipswich QLD
Artisan Baker Association Standards: 
ABA ProductABA Standard
Pure Stoneground Sourdough
ART 11 - Organic Sourdough Sifted
Pure Stoneground Wholegrain Sourdough
ART 10 - Organic Sourdough Wholegrain
Pure Stoneground Wholemeal Sourdough
ART 12 - Organic Sourdough Wholemeal
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