Grist Artisan Bakers

Grist Bakers is a small niche sourdough bakery in Kyneton, Central Victoria. Owner and Master Baker Tim Clayton has built Grist from a blank canvas, choosing the site for the Bakery was a simple affair! A Flour Mill that was built in the 1830s. The guts of the bakery is actually situated in the grinding room of the original mill, and there still remains stone grinding wheels, augers, flour bagers, etc.

Also intact is the original timber shingle roof.

The breads Grist produces range from Full 100% sourdough to semi sourdough with the likes of fig and hazlenut, olive etc etc, to the sweet and soft and very rich Brioche. Cakes and Pastries are all handmade in the baking room, just like the breads, from the best flour and the best locally sourced organic ingredients.

The baking takes place directly in the cafe, only meters from the unsuspecting customers as they gawk as the bread is man handled from the floor of the stone based oven.

18 piper st
kyneton VIC
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