Whey in starter?

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Hi all... I'm moving to a pretty remote island in the Solomons soon and (probably) won't be able to get bread making flour...  Do you think that the added protein in whey would work if I just used plain (wheat) flour and whey?
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Catharina 2008 June 6
[color=blue]Hi Surfing... lucky you - a remote island in the South Pacific (whoo hoo).

I think (but I could be wrong) that a starter can be feed with many differnt types of flours - but not all - I feed my various starters rye flour or whole wheat or spelt (new experiment) --- the starter doesn't have to be fed 'bread making' flour.  Different flours produce different tastes - you just have to experiment.  It is also my understanding that it is the gluten/starch content of the grain (not the protien) that determines whether the dough will rise --- if it was protien we could make bread out of 100% soy - and unfortunately we can't.

I have an old bread book (Time Life, "Breads", 1981) which talks about the things you can substitute in place of white bread flour and still get a light fluffy 'white type' loaf - which might work for you if white flour is scarce and you want to ration it.  The first number in the ratio indicates the proportion of 'specialty' flour and the second number is the all-purpose or bread flour.  This might give you some food for thought...
Barley 1:5
Buckwheat 1:5
Corn 1:5
Gluten 2:1
Milet 1:5
Oat 1:3
Rice 1:5
Rye Dark 1:1
Rye Medium 2:1
Soy 1:5
Triticale: 1:1
Whole-wheat 1:1

I am sure there are many other grains you can use --- but sometimes you just have to "grow where you are planted"  --- e.g. when in Mexico make corn tortillas and when in India make garam chappattis.
Have Fun!
C [/color]

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