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Hi there!
I have just moved from Tasmania back to NZ and once again I am having difficulty finding some decent flour. In Tassie, I was using Lauke (?) Wallaby which was great and as I was living in the middle of nowhere, I had heaps of time to practice making sourdough. Over here, I am struggling to find flour of equal quality. Are there any Kiwi's out there who can help me?

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matthew 2007 September 24

Everybody seems to rave about Lauke Wallaby flour, unfortunately I've never had the opportunity to try it so am unable to compare with NZ flour. I've never noticed any deficienies with NZ flour, but then as mentioned, I know no other

In the supermarket I have had found Champion Hi-Grade and Elfin Hi-Grade excellent (both about 11% protein), my own personal preference has always been Elfin, but I couldn't tell you why. At the moment though I am using Weston Mills Maximus which I buy from a wholesaler in 20kg sacks and then store in a couple of big plastic bins. I've never used the in-store brands for bread so can't comment on their quality. Once or twice I've used an organic flour from an Organic supermarket, but can't remember the brand.

Good luck in your search.


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