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Ms Monny

Hello everyone!
I am a very new SD maker and as yet have not started on my 'starter'. I bought today some freshly milled whole wheat flour and I will buy my spring water tomorrow and start one. I am wondering two things:

1. Has anyone used 'well' water in their starters? We use our well water to make our beer and find it is great (the rain water made a very 'flat' beer ).

2. Does anyone know of any good SD books out there that will help in basics to advanced recipes?

I also read that someone put their starter out in the 'paddock' to capture the wild yeasts and I am thinking of doing this. Is there anything I should know before I put my jar out into the open air?


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Ms Monny 2007 August 22

Hi again.

Just read another area in the forum and found someone asking about books and I have written some suggestions.


matthew 2007 August 25

Welcome Monny,

If you search the posts you'll find many references to baking books.

Many members of this forum are partial to "The Handmade Loaf" by Dan Lepard and/or "Bread" by Jefferey Hammelman.

There are many many books about which have various bits of useful information and recipies. Try your local library, I was surprised by the range of bread baking books at mine.


Ms Monny 2007 August 27

thanks Matthew.

I have ordered two books from Amazon and I can't wait to get my little mitts on them!!

I will keep trying till I get the books.


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