Lunch with John Downes and Dan Lepard

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Dan and John will come together for an ABA lunch on Monday 14 May, 2007, 12.30-2.30pm at Convent Bakery in Abbotsford (Melbourne, Australia).

For John it is a home coming of sorts, because this is his first Melbourne visit since 1992 (!). Dan will be nearing the end of his Australian trip, and it will be a chance to enjoy a casual meal in good company.

We will have plenty of time to chat with the bakers at Convent, and get a behind-the-scenes look at an incredibly beautiful baking facility. In terms of architecture and working environment, the Convent is a once in a lifetime situation. See [url=]Bakery[/url] and [url=]Convent[/url]

The lunch is open to all artisan baking enthusiasts including craft, home, trade bakers and researchers. Food and drink are extra on the day (approx $15 - $20).

[b]Your invitation is an ABA membership![/b] Yes, this is a shameless drive for members of our new association. There are several membership types, starting from AUD 85.00 for non-professional bakers (+ GST for Australian members). New members receive a free banneton and lame with their membership.

[url=]Join the ABA Here[/url]

[b]Find Out More and Register Here[/b] - [url=]Please register here to book your place at the lunch[/url].

Hope to see you there,

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SourDom 2007 April 26

What a fantastic idea!

I am cursing myself for working on both this date, and the Millawa day. (I have probably used up my excuses for organising shift swaps...)
They both sound like amazing opportunities to meet interesting and like-minded people, and to get to share ideas.

There has been radio silence since Graham announced these two events (though the forum generally has been very quiet). What about it fellow Melbourne bakers - are you raring at the bit and eager to go along - or has the ABA membership fee put off the amateur bakers? Are there others who are hampered by work commitments?


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Graham 2007 May 9

Alan Scott is now confirmed for this event, as well as John and Dan. There are several other interesting guests coming along. Please feel free to bring along your partners. This will be one bizarre event that I can not see happening again for a long time.

Another exciting event is Dan's reading at Books for Cooks on Thursday 10 May, 2007.




Please, if Dan does not mind, it would be great if someone could take some video of Dan's reading and send it to this site. If anyone can do a competent reading of bread related texts, it would have to be Dan.


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Jeremy 2007 May 9

Wow that would be a memorable event, Graham set up a tripod, sorry Dom I am on the other side of the world can't make it!


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