Fougasse and Sprouted rye


TP and I have been racing to produce a sprouted rye grain loaf - though I am sure that hers will be more beautiful.

I also had a first go at making a sourdough fougasse this week. The cuts were a bit tricky - might reduce the hydration next time


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TeckPoh 2007 April 18

Had been feeling under the weather the past few days, so I haven't been up to doing anything. Your breads look so beautiful, Dom. I bet you can slash with your eyes closed now...perfect. How's the crumb texture of the sprouted grain loaf? Is it more dense? Looks nice and soft to me. That's one giant fougasse with lovely, lovely holes. Must tackle that one day. Well done!

SourDom 2007 April 18

thanks TP,

the sprouted rye reminds me a lot of the wholegrain barm bread that I have made a few times. The crumb is very soft, with chewy nuggets of rye grain. I haven't eaten enough of it yet to really assess how the sprouting affects the flavour.

The slashes on the top of the sprout loaf were a bit of an accident, but they worked out quite well - I don't know how to repeat the effect but will try!

hope you are feeling better

SourDom 2007 April 30

I made another sprouted grain loaf, with a mixture of wheat and rye grains.

I was busy working, so the grains had gone a couple of extra days before I got to use them (maybe 5 or 6 days). The 'sprouts' were much longer and stragglier , and starting to change colour.
The resulting loaf is quite different. The grains themselves aren't discernible any more. The flavour is stronger, the crumb is quite moist.

What are other's experience when using sprouted grains? How long do you leave them before using them in a loaf?? I have read different recommendations in the couple of recipes that I have seen.


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Jane Williams 2011 May 15

That bread looks like it belongs in MY kitchen.  I need to know how to make it <g>.


I also need to know how to slash, dang it!  I have been using a single edge razor blade, but it just pulls the dough.  Maybe the dough is too slack.  Maybe I need to attack the slashing more.  I'm pretty tentative.



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TeckPoh 2008 March 28

Here I am, Dom. Yours look a lot better!

I medium-ground my sprouted grains so that half was mush and half were whole grains; don't like too much hard stuff in my breads. Then I added a knob of butter and a yolk left over from making royal icing. And, then.......the part which was my undoing. I started following the original hydration, but I don't know what made me throw in another 80ml water. Duh. Poor bread couldn't hold its shape, but, did do its part in springing in the oven. I just had a small piece...the crumb is soft, very nutty and the sweetness is quite surprising, considering I didn't add any sugar at all. The bread could use another 10 mins of baking, I think. Behold the sliced pieces with the flat-tish 14" diameter disc as the backdrop.

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