Nor'easter Miche

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Just had a infamous late spring snow storm, when it snows I bake! Based on Thom Leonard's formula from Maggie Glezers book.Brrr it sure is cold and plenty of snow!



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Jeremy 2007 March 25

Yeah it is the 80% high extraction which is unavailable for home bakers here unless you buy a 50 lbs bag!
I just sifted the wheat as both J Hamelman and Maggie suggest!
It's a good book tooo!

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Pab 2007 March 18

I like snow, unlikely to get more here until next winter.

Any excuse gets me baking bread. Always a disappointment to only need to bake enough for two.

Is Maggie Glezer's book worth having? - Jeffrey Hamelman's (you recommended his book to me) is simply wonderful.


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Jeremy 2007 March 19

Yeah good! Just had some with some currywurst, not brotchen but it was good last nite with saucisson and cheese!


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northwestsourdough 2007 March 19

Glorious as always Jeremy! Do you offer such delectables in your secret club?? Can't believe it would still be secret with such offerings!

SourDom 2007 March 24


beautiful as always.
Is that the recipe with the 80% extraction flour (I think Glezer calls it a 'country loaf'?)
I have a bag of the stuff in my cupboard, and am planning to try that recipe again


I think Maggie Glezer's book is great.

It is a book that is incredibly passionate about great bread, and is also beautiful to look at. In that sense it is a bit like an American version of Dan's book, though not as accessible to the beginner.

She has some very good advice on preferments.

There are not a huge number of solely sourdough recipes, but it has a definite place of honour on my bookshelf.


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