A get-together at Books for Cooks in May 2007


Hello everyone,

I'm down in Melbourne for a few weeks in May, and wanted to invite everyone to a get-together evening at Books for Cooks in Fitzroy, Melbourne on Thursday 10th May 2007. It's really just an excuse for bakers to leave the ovens for a moment and meet one another, but I'll try to rustle up some breads and nibbles and maybe (?) there will be some wine as well. It's a free evening so don't expect a banquet, but it's a great bookshop that always has a big baking section - old books and new - so if you haven't been it's worth a visit.

I'm hoping to read a few extracts from The Handmade Loaf and the upcoming book (for autumn 2008 now), "British Baking", a project that is turning into this vast compendium of forgotten and overlooked recipes and techniques from historic archives in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. But if the meet-up in 2005 is anything to go by, it will be a chance to get your voice heard on the hassles and highs we face as bakers trying to make and sell the best bread we can. If you can make it along please do.



p.s. I'm teaching a few classes as well during the visit and have put the details here:
But honestly, there is little I could add to the wealth of good advice and baking on this unique forum.

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SourDom 2007 March 16

The all-day Italian baking fest sounds just too good to miss.

have swapped out of a day at work so that I can make it!

see you then...


danlepard 2007 March 17

Tek, will I see you a Mick's event in August?

Dom, not sure I can teach you much on ciabatta...

but might be able to help with pannetone


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TeckPoh 2007 March 17

Oh my, what gorgeous bread!

Dan. I really wish I could make it. Lots of bread pals I'd like to meet. Still at 50/50.

SourDom 2007 May 9

I made it to Dan's full day session yesterday - which was fantastic!

I don't have any photos to post, as I deliberately made a decision to enjoy the day rather than try to get distracted by taking photos. But I now have a house full of the products of a successful class - monster grissini, foccacia, farinata, amaretti (which I will take in to work to console my colleagues), and of course the panetonne. The latter in particular was very impressive, and I am looking forward to trying it again next festive season.

For those Melbournites who haven't already pawned their watches, bribed their bosses, arranged babysitters - there are three 'dan-events' coming up

This Thursday at Books for cooks (see above)
Sunday at [url=http://www.danlepard.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1210]The Greengrocer[/url]
Monday is [url=http://www.sourdough.com.au/forum//viewtopic.php?f=13&t=905]the ABA event at the convent bakery[/url]
and next Tuesday he is at [url=http://www.danlepard.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1210]the CAE[url] for a preview of his forthcoming book.

what are you waiting for?


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Jeremy 2007 May 9

Bloody lucky Mate!
Well at least I can say I am going to see him in Bethesda!


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