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Getting ready for an interview with a baker and the cold being a great excuse to stay indoors allowed for some baking, new and old formulas!

Tourte au Sarrasin (buckwheat, rye and wheat bread!)

Olive bread[img][/img]

This olive is from Bouley bakery and is alway's good with some sausage or cheese, the Sarrasin is still too hot and cooling, will send report later, initial smell deep and beautiful mahogany crust!


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Jeremy 2007 February 20

Thanks Teresa,
I made a bevy of breads over the weekend, some nice some not so nice?
Just took one out of the oven, onion bread! Will post, as I am making it for a friend!


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Pab 2007 March 1

I tried replacing a bit of rye and sarrasin for some of the wholemeal in a wholemeal loaf the other day after reading Jeremy's post. Very nice flavours indeed.

'Sarrasin' is French for buckwheat. The French love making 'galettes' (pancakes) with it, particularly in Brittany in the north west. Strange that it should be so popular in a flattish part of France when one of its major attributes is the ability to grow at high altitude, hence its popularity also in Alpine regions. The Italians make pasta with it in the north or mix it with polenta (cornmeal). Gives beautiful yet delicate earthy flavours.


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TeckPoh 2007 March 1

Thanks, Pete. I have some buckwheat flour in my freezer...the only thing I make with it has been blini (sourdough)! Great...I'll add some in a bread soon.

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TeckPoh 2007 March 1

Tks, guys. Not leaving until next Friday the 9th. Back on a Friday too. I love Me!bourne and the FOOD.

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Bill44 2007 March 2

Tks, guys. Not leaving until next Friday the 9th. Back on a Friday too. I love Me!bourne and the FOOD.
It's a great place if you like Greek food. I do (Burp!) pardon.

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TeckPoh 2007 March 2

Dunno, haven't tried beyond moussaka, kourambiethes and baklava. But would love to. Any suggestions?

What's tipping like, how much to tip, in restaurants?

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Jeremy 2007 March 2

Try grilled octopus or some skordalia! Opa, some table dancing and smashed glasses with ouzo,then some good coffee and have someone read the future in your grounds!

Have fun in the sun!

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SourYumMum 2007 March 3


ANY greek food is good food! But Jeremy is right about the seafood ... an seafood prepared by a greek will be wonderful


You can search in the above for reviews and so on.

Enjoy your trip!


PS. Not ONE Greek restaurant where I live! Shameful. We schedule restaurants whenever we go to Sydney for a weekend.


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