New Sourdough Tools

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Bill and Jeremy have provided some interesting Excel spreadsheets to make formulating recipes easier. These can be used by home and professional bakers. They can be accessed here:

It would be interesting to hear back from bakers using these spreadsheets. How useful are they? What breads are you using them for?

Thanks. Graham

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Jeremy 2006 March 14

Hi Graham,
thanks for posting that stuff, maybe some one will be able to add some feedback on how to use or implement that spreadsheet with multiple recipes?
Also I just interviewed a baker and owner of New Yorks Amy's Bread, give it a look and listen @ there will be pics to follow of her bread and bakery as welll!


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Jeremy 2006 March 16

Hi Bill,
No it was actually mine but I got directions from a local baker I interviewed on my website recently
I haven't had a chance to try yours, but I am sure I will!


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wadada 2007 February 21

We used excel at the bakery I worked at, too. We had a huge spread sheet with pages and pages of inter-woven formulas for each day's production. It took me a while to figure it all out, and to learn not to change a value unless I knew EXACTLY what I was doing! But it was very convenient for quickly adjusting of formulas.
I only really screwed it up a couple times. The best was coming in early in the morning to find the drivers (who should have been long gone) frantically rearranging orders because I entered all the orders from another day into that day's formulas!!
They have since, I think, switched over to "Global Bake".

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