Experimenting with two night sourdough

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I decide to try the longer method of sourdough bread with a buildup each time with more flour and proofing. Here is my results:

I have to say, it has turned out to be maybe the best tasting sourdough bread I have ever made!

Here is a closeup of the crust:

And here is the interior:


I am really excited! It came out nicely sour with large holes and I didn't even have to work with a real wet dough or anything. The crust browned nicely and is crisp and crusty! I am going to post the recipe on the recipe secion of my web page soon, as I have to keep the folks there happy. I will post a link if anyone wants me to once it is up.

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Anonymous 2006 March 4

Nice looking crumb; though, for me, the crust looks a little thin.

Have you tried baking for a little longer (or possibly raising the oven temperature during the final few minutes of baking), in order to try a thicker, darker crust?

The crust will go through yellows and golds, eventually arriving at some nice reds and ambers (though don't go for black, which is burnt ).

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northwestsourdough 2006 March 6

Hi Nick_UK, you have a point there, however, when you take a pic the flash makes the bread look different than it really is. I do think you are right though, I could have the crust a bit darker, I think I will take your advice and try that!! Thanks,Teresa

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