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Ok folks I defied my own famous words and dipped into the pot, so to speak! I followed a recipe from a bake at locatelli demo I found on egullet, by Dan Lepard and Jack Lang. Needless to say it's an easy way to bake, and I followed the video that Jim Lahey did with Mark Bittman on the NY times article/video. I just took it out and will open it up for crumb shots in the morning!


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SourDom 2006 December 10

I don't know what is happening around here.

I go to a thread by Jeremy titled 'pot!' and expect pictures of his latest 'herb' bread...

can't wait to see the crumb shots Jeremy!


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Jeremy 2006 December 10

Report on pot bread: As I thought, better to make a real bread!
My Neice and I were noshing on my less than perfect schwartzbrot and she wanted the levain"pot" bread instead, the chesnut loaf was still cooling!
Yes the crust is shiny and oooooh like! Yet the whole thing is less than exciting, maybe someone should invent a cast iron enameled sided oven?(sounds like a deck oven?)

Well will snap pic in the morning.....Carla be patient and well nite all!

(pot indeed Dom!....well I used to inhale!)

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Jeremy 2006 December 11

with the chestnut loaf on left
The bread in a pot!

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Pab 2006 December 11

Well, Jeremy... they look like mighty fine loaves.

Just to be fair, here is a photo of my second bash at pot baking. I don't know why (it was good bread) but I am not planning another repeat soon.


This was a made with a wholemeal rye leaven and some wheat flour (also, retarding in the fridge).

I still prefer the normal bake...

Best wishes


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TeckPoh 2006 December 13

Lovely breads, you two. If we ever get together for bakes, I suggest we do a blind test so that our opinions are not tainted by any bias. But I guess that's not the issue here.

I refreshed some of my pot bread from last week. It was still very moist and soft.


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Jeremy 2006 December 13

I found my bread ok, sort of leather exterior and sort of unsatisfying labor wise, so I like Pab will go back to the old way's I am afraid, TP will see what baking plans we could come up with, either in Oz(if the fest is still on?)
Or Wales with Mick if he gets his idea to gel? As for the pot I will use it to roast or stew and braise!


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