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my tins are not very toll so bread comes up with mushroom sort of top any idea where in melbourne (best if in SE subs) could i buy nice toll tins?

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Croc 2006 July 26

Maybe could you just decrease the weight of your loaves ?

no way
i just baked one and is almost gone, if i make them any smaller they would be considered a bite size in my family

KazaKhan®© 2006 July 26

I ordered my tins directly from [url]http://www.mackies.com.au/[/url]. They were reluctant at first but I had trouble with their distributors they recommended. In one case it took five long weeks for a tin to come in, directly from Mackies took 2 days
Of course a lot of their tins etc will not fit in most home ovens and banded sets might not be your thing. I bought the two smallest variety loaf tins, a farmhouse set, a vienna tray and two half-trays.

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EricD 2006 July 26

If it is to bake at home, I have a tip.
If you can find a good plant pot (which resist to the heat), jacket it with a silicone paper and you prove and bake your bread inside. It will be tall enough and with the best effect to present your bread.

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