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baked something over the wkend. Used bread flour with some rye and spelt.  Smells good even when kneading the flour.


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francis 2006 July 24


thanks for the words of encouragement. still lots of trial and errors.

would like to check with you guys. when using bread flour with special flours like rye, wholewheat, etc... what does these special flours do to the water that is added to it? does it mean that ive got to add more water. ie. if baking a white loaf at 1kg, the water could be 600g. but with special flours added, does it mean more water?

i know special flours make the loaf more denser due to it higher protein cos it cannot "cuts" the gluten more. but does it mean more water?


Normbake 2006 July 25

Great looking loaf Francis
Yep when using rye or wholemeal you will need to add more water. The grain soaks up more water and it takes about 20 mins.
What I've found when using rye and other flours is put in the just over the amount of water give the dough a quick stir up incorperate all the ingredents then leave it covered for about 15-20 mins then add the salt, then knead the dough.
I do this to all my rye, wheat or grain doughs


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