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Three white loaves baked today in the new home made baskets.
The loaves baked from left to right, 1 hour warm up from fridge, 1/2 hour warm up, straight from the fridge. I think these are just bordering on overproof. The sooner I finish my new proofing box the better, I dropped my old one and have been doing it the hard way for a while.



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donyeokl 2006 June 12


You're at it again... Those baskets look good aye... Nice loaves but looks like the "straight from fridge" one has got better oven spring.
By the way, got the starter kicking and baked a Pane Pugliese with it, came out good with no chance of photos. The loaf got reap apart as soon as it can be handled. Will bake another soon...


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Bill44 2006 June 12

You are right Don, with the dough just on overproof the one straight out of the fridge worked best, The other two just went further into overproof.
Glad the starter works for you.

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TeckPoh 2006 June 12

Oooo...round triplets...unidentical this time! The 'straight from the fridge' one does look like it has better spring. But all of them are good-lookers. Great job on the bannetons.

SourDom 2006 June 12


how long did you prove them after shaping before putting them in the fridge?
what sort of temperature?


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Bill44 2006 June 12

Dom, from the start of mixing to shaping the loaves was 5 hours at 22C. They went into the fridge straight after shaping at 7.00PM and the first one was out at 6.00AM and baked at 7.00AM. When I have my box working they would normally first proof for 3 hours and into the fridge at 7PM, this works really well. I gave them a bit longer to compensate for the lower room temp, my mistake.
Soon to be rectified if I get off the 'puter and go back down the shed.

SourDom 2006 June 12


Jack Lang talks about fridge proving as being equivalent to 2 hours of proof at room temperature.
I haven't found that my sourdough rises at all in the fridge.
If I have proved before putting the dough in the fridge I would usually bake from cold. If I have put the dough in the fridge straight after shaping I would let it warm up at least for a couple of hours. Baking from cold without any warm proof will result in considerable oven spring, but at the cost of quite irregular loaf crumb

However your starter seems to have much more activity than mine, and you may have a different experience.


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