My Lame came in!

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My new Lame came in from Bill. Thankyou Bill ! It is very elegant and has a wonderful fit in the palm. I used it for the first time this morning, and it was the best tool I have used so far for slashing dough. It performed great!
What's also great, is that you can angle your blade however you want and just retighten the screws. I am really happy with this lame. If you were thinking whether to get one or not, I would suggest you give it a try, you won't be disappointed but me!

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Graham 2006 May 28

I can back that up, and have been meaning to thank Bill for my 4 lames which I received about a week ago. Thanks Bill, they are beautifully crafted. At $5 each, this is a sevice to artisan bakers rather than anything else.

Original post if you would like one of Bill's hand-crafted lames: [url][/url]


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