Sour Dill Onion Rye

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Here is my bake for today. It is a Sour Dill Onion Rye Loaf.
Instead of Dill seed I used crushed dried whole dill, it gave a great dill flavor.



I baked at a hotter 500f degrees for the first 6 - 7 minutes then turned down to 425 f degrees for another 22 minutes. These loaves started out at 2 lbs 14 oz.

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Bill44 2006 May 5

Teresa, that is a great loaf. Terrific shape, rise and crumb. The best looking loaf I've seen in a long while. How did you get that much rise out of a rye loaf.

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TeckPoh 2006 May 5

Sounds delicious! Our Tesco very recently started carrying non-Asian herbs and I saw dill. I can see some Sour Dill Onion Bread coming up next week....

Thanks for inspiring, Teresa.

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northwestsourdough 2006 May 5

Thanks for the compliments. I used my Northwest Sourdough Starter which loves Rye, as you know Bill, the rise needing only four hours, it came out of the fridge ready to go but still cold, somehow that is giving my bread a great rise. The same thing happened with my Alaskan loaves, cold but ready, great oven spring. Might be a new thing to try.

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