Grilled Sourdough

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Thought it would be fun to post the experiments I am working with involving grilled sourdough. This is meant to be grilled on an outdoor barbque. My barbque broke just as I was trying this out, so I had to grill in the oven on the bottom shelf as the oven was heating to 475 degrees. I wrapped the dough in a packet of foil which had been greased and sprinkled with herbs and spices. One had spicy hot seasonings and one had Italian,sesame seed type seasonings.I also used grated Parmesan cheese on both of the loaves. Here are some pics:




Now you can go camping and have your sourdough come along!

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TeckPoh 2006 April 28

Yum! Thanks for sharing such a great idea! I've a trip up the hills coming up at the end of May....YES!

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