Has the name sourdough been overused


The word sourdough doesn't mean much these days, a bit like the word natural. Obviously I'm talking commercially here, if you make sourdough at home you don't care, as long as it works plus easier to look it up on the internet.

What else do you call it?

How do people know you make it without yeast, conditioners, etc.

It's bloody hard, I don't think Naturally Leavened or similar will ring too many bells, most have just learnt the word sourdough.

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Graham 2005 October 9

Hi Dave

Your post has prompted a new poll to explore alternate names for sourdough further [url]http://www.sourdough.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?t=17[/url] .

I don't think it would be too difficult to reclaim the meaning of the word "sourdough", or to find a new term/brand that genuine artisan bakers mark their products with. Deciding where to draw the line could be dificult. There's a pool of bakers out there who produce both standard yeast bread and also have a 100% sourdough bread.

Perhaps the licence to use the brand (whatever it is) could apply to specific breads rather than specific bakers. Although if certain conditions were not met, the new brand would become diluted just like "sourdough" is in danger of becoming. I think there would have to be an assessment of the baker(y) as well as the bread to prevent this dilution.


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