My flour is here !

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Graham's flour arrived today, and it looks really good.  I took some pictures so you could all have a look at it.  I haven't baked anything with it yet, but I am quite interested in the difference in colour, so I took photos comparing my regular bakers flour (Manildra Bakers Flour - which I'm very happy with) with Graham's (Organic Unbleached Stoneground Bakers Flour).  The organic flour is a richer, creamier colour - kind of a clotted cream colour.  I'm really looking forward to trying it out...

Organic flour on the left, Manildra flour on the right.  I haven't fiddled with the colours in the photo at all, and they were taken mid-afternoon without a flash..

Cheers, Celia

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celia 2008 April 19

...produces rustic coloured bread !  Here are my first loaves using the ABA Unbleached Organic Stoneground flour - no malt added.  These were just white starter, flour, water, salt and EVOO.  Flour was easy to work with, although took a bit longer to rise than my normal flour. I just love all the squiggly marks from the plastic cane baskets... :)

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celia 2008 April 22

I haven't been able to get big holes yet from the new flour, so I raised the hydration in my mix.  The last loaf at 69% still felt a little dry, this flour is really drinking up the water ! This loaf was at 75%, and produced a lovely result (absolutely gorgeous dough to work with), with a very tender crumb.  Still can't get the big holes though - not sure why ?  The Manildra white produced some very large holes.  Maybe the malt is doing something after all - will have to try yet another loaf with malt in it this time.. ;)

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