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How 'bout a converse for the great "boulangerie"?

A bakery that doesn't construct bread onsite: a "fakery" from fake bakery.


    Q: Have you seen Boulangerie Paul?

    A: Yeah I saw the bakers working away this morning on my way home from the pub. They were sweating in the heat of that tiny space.


    Q: What about that new chain bakery that's in town? The Glitzy Baker?

    A: No way! They're no bakers. Don't you know? It's not a bakery, just a "fakery".

What'dya reckon all? Put it to the test with the nearby establishments you know.

It's 7am, I haven't slept and I'm uber cynical about everything. Hear me roar.

I'll post some more positive notes soon and maybe venture into a few photos of the bread we do.

may the crumb be with you.
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Jeremy 2008 March 8
I did see the Bakers at Paul in Paris as well as many others, Kayser et al, what made me so nuts was the amount of bakeries there and just the handful here in NY, no neighborhood bakeries like in Europe!

Get some sleep you must be like a vampire!

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