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Hi all. Just a long overdue update to let you know that I'm still around, though unfortunately not baking.

After my hands were operated on early last year I had just started getting back to baking when in June I came down with my first ever case of Psoriasis. It started out as a few patches of Plaque Psoriasis but over a couple of months it developed into a very severe case of Erythrodermic Psoriasis which is covering about 95% of my body, literally from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. Naturaly I can't risk the chance of a yeast infection, let alone introduce the massive amounts of skin I am shedding into some dough.

At the moment I am undergoing intensive long term Narrowband UVB radiation therapy which is supposed to kill off the rogue T cells in my immune system. Basically a controlled sunburn three times a week, not sure if the treatment isn't worse than the complaint. I'm not allowed out in sunlight, so basically I've been a bookworm/hermit.

Anyway enough of that. It's nice to see the forum reasonably active with a few familiar names still leading the charge. Keep up the good work.

Kind regards to all,
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TeckPoh 2008 February 16
Oh, Bill! It's wonderful to hear from you again...though, I wish with more pleasant news. The wannabe naturopath in me is asking if you're taking any herbal supplements? One of them is Flor-Essence if you've not heard; google for various opinions. My sis who was undertaking radiation for breast cancer 6 years ago took it and said it helped allay the discomfort from all that burning. She's still taking so am I. I just made some for an acquaintance undergoing chemotherapy for nose cancer.

Hey, once a baker always a baker. You'll be baking again...

Croc 2008 February 16

Hi Bill

i was wondering not long ago what has happen to you and asking TP if maybe she knows anything.

Nice to hear from you but shame about your health problems :(

As TP mentioned look for alternative options, my wife have very bad migraines for years and conventional medicine failed 100% then she went to naturophat and lat 18 months were very different experienc with some months being 100% migrane free which did not happen in years before that. Also my son had 2 wards (sp?) in his foot normal doctors said they have to cut it out and then burn out the area, well we took him to same naturophat and with use of only herbal drops 6 weeks later wards were gone on its own.

but i believe you have to find really good one as there are many fools that claim to be naturophats but don't really have a clue. i can't remember where you located but if you in vitoria i can give you details to that guy.

anyway glad to see you around, look after yourself and drop in here bit more :)



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Jeremy 2008 February 16
Hey Bill,
Did wonder where you had pissed off too, glad to hear your not the only one with ailments, everyone knows about my aching back!
Get better and well get back to baking! Cheers mate and how do you get out of the sun in OZ?

Best to ya as always!
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TeckPoh 2008 February 16

Just had to correct a few.....I'll take others as typos.







You're welcome.

Edit: EEK! Here comes Jeremy! Either I'm going to turn a blind eye or have a busy day....

Cheers, fellas.
matthew 2008 February 18


I too was wondering whether you were still baking.  Glad to hear you're still around, sad to hear that you're body is not behaving.  All the best and get well soon.





Stop playing with PhotoBooth, the avatar gives me nightmares! :D:P

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Jeremy 2008 February 18
Matthew I have given that photobooth stuff up, it was like a toy at first but now I am an adult and will put away childish things! (not likely!)

Thats my sisters stone ofen in Switzerland!

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Graham 2008 February 18
Hi Bill,

A quick 'Bill44' search reveals 7 pages of classic sourdough observations. I think that you will remain a solid part of this forum for years to come, whether you post or not. I hope all goes well for you Bill. I have kept the last of my stock of your handmade lames for myself. They are a priceless example of baker innovation and not settling for mass-market industry solutions. Excellent stuff. Graham
Normbake 2008 February 24
All the best Bill44 hoping things work out for the good, never now whats around the corner in life.
Take care
regards Normbake
This baking is sure addictive.

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