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Hmmm... so, I have a couple of really big assignments coming up and as a great procrastination, I've been baking (3 fruit loaves, 1 batch of bagels and 1 wholemeal loaf) so I'm wondering if its ok to freeze sourdough loaves?  Can't see me eating this much but they're too yummy to give away!
Wholemeal loaf[IMG][/IMG]
some bagels[IMG][/IMG]
more bagels and some fruit loaf...

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TeckPoh 2008 February 9
Hey there. Wow, that's a lot of bread.

I sell breads to a few *er hem* selected friends. Since breads stale very fast here, my breads, mostly sourdough, but some are pure baker's yeast, are consumed over the week; I pass the breads to them on Sunday. What I do is I freeze the breads the moment they are cooled.  One friend refreshes the bread in a steam oven, while a few others just let it thaw at room temperature and they say it tastes great. I'm sure they are being too kind, but, so far, I haven't got any complaints...they keep asking for more!

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celia 2008 March 13
FWIW, I freeze almost all my bread, and bring it out for school lunches etc.  Most of it freezes brilliantly (it's almost all sourdough based), particularly if it has a bit of oil in the recipe.  Bagels freeze well, but are best toasted when you take them out of the freezer, but the other breads are fine just defrosted.


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