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A forum member has reported that the Roggenvollkornbrot post is not loading in Internet Explorer. I have checked in my own IE browser and there certainly appears to be a problem.

The Roggenvollkornbrot post loads correctly in Mozilla Firefox, and the rest of the forum appears to be working in Internet Explorer and Firefox. I shall look into the issue, however Maedi is much better at back-end code stuff and unfortunately he is currently on a school excursion to Stradbroke Island. It's pouring rain. No need to be envious. (back Thursday)

If anyone else can assist with identifying the cause of the problem...please give me a shout! We want the forum to function in all browsers.



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Already tried:

- Clearing Cache (Ctr + F5)

- Extending length of topic per page from 25 to 75 (problem appeared to occur when the topic per page limit was reached, flowing over to page 2)


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Graham 2008 February 4
Thank you croc.

It is a very odd fault. I am very happy to hear that there is now problem your end.

Can you please see if you can get the fault to happen by refreshing this post about 10 times, over a period of 1-2 minutes? I also have IE7...but have not checked updates (will do so now). The fault causes the page to reload itself several times, and then stop with the message:

"Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site Operation aborted"

Croc 2008 February 4

i get that error in the other thread but not one you mentioned, as you said it just keeps reloading itself

i believe it first happen after i posted a screenshot but it might not be related, remember uploading my screenshot than i put it in to the post and after i submited my post it went in to crazy loop for first time and been doing since.

once in a blue moon it loads ok.

and it happens on IE6 and IE7

im sure i mentioned that in thread with other issues


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Graham 2008 February 4
Thanks croc, I will have a look. Maedi probably knows all about your last post. I will have a look at it may delete the screenshot temporarily to see if that is the issue. Graham
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Graham 2008 February 8


Maedi is back on board and has fixed 'page reload' problem. He explained to me that a piece of CSS code, necessary to reproduce each new section of the forum post, was not satisfactorily placed to be read correctly by Internat Explorer. He has rearanged the code....all is well. Maedi is now working on the 'line break' issue, where IE does not recognise paragraphs that were made in Firefox.

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