A Bit of a Shock.

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It's funny how you fall into habits when you are baking, and you get used to the patience required when using sourdough starters. Boy, did I get a wake up today!
When I am making the stock recipe that we use here as our day to day bread, I usually make a 3 loaf batch. I start mixing at about 1PM and first rise for about 6 hours, form the loaves, into the fridge overnight, warm up for 4 hours in the morning and bake. A simple no-brainer that I could do in my sleep.
Now I have recently recieved another starter that I have done a bit of baking with and it is very nice and well behaved, apart from the fact that it prefers to live at 166% hydration rather than my usual prefered 100%. So I decided to do a 1/3 rye loaf with it to see the taste difference from my normal starter.
This is when the new starter became a bit of a shock.
As I am in the habit of growing a cooking starter, to suit a particular recipe, from my stock, I took about a tablespoon of stock, added 100g water, 50g white flour, and 25g rye flour. I use Laucke Wallaby white unbleached bakers flour (11.5% protein) and organic rye flour (14%protein). The starter mix became active noticably quicker than usual.
12 hours later I gave it the same feed and it just about jumped out of the jar. OK I said, so you like rye in your diet.
At 1 PM today I wandered into the kitchen and mixed up the dough and sat it in a covered bowl to wait until about 7 PM this evening.
Well 2 3/4 hours later I took a look at it, it had doubled and when I slashed it it was obviously prooved, so with a quick knead and shape it was into its basket and into the fridge.
If it does not destroy my fridge overnight I have a feeling it will be straight out of the fridge and into the oven before it can attack me.

Will post pics of the results tomorrow. If the starter doesn't get me first.

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Bill44 2006 March 28

Just had a reply to an email to my supplier. Yes this starter tends to go beserk when fed rye.

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Bill44 2006 March 29

Well here it is, not one of my proudest moments, the speed of the starter caught me completely wrong footed. At least it is edible.
65% hyd, 1/3 rye 2/3 white. Baked after 14hrs in the fridge.
Next time I think I will go for about 3 hr first rise with 3 stretch and folds, shape and final proof for somewhere between 2 - 3 hours.
Has anybody else had a starter go beserk when fed with rye, my usual starter does not do this.


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northwestsourdough 2006 March 29

Sourdough Rye does seem to be a finicky bread sometimes! I think your bread looks great, it has a nice open texture for Rye too.
Good for you Bill!

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