Éric Duhamel French Baker

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This is a link to a French baking video provided by my friend Éric Duhamel.SEE VIDEO Éric becomes clearly visible around at time code “8:54”, and he is referred to affectionately as “Éric!” around “9.14”. Great stuff Éric. Hope to see you and family back in OZ soon. Please bring one of those amazing bread stamps with you "12:56". Graham

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Jeremy 2008 January 26

Wow!That is so cool, I used to work with an Auvergnant chef, let me tell you they know food!Those stamps are really neat, Graham than Eric for me, as well you should maybe have a wood craftsman or artisan make you your signature ABA stamp?Ta!Jeremy

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TeckPoh 2008 January 26

Can't see the video. I downloaded RealPlayer but after loading, nothing. I'm sure I'm missing something...

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Graham 2008 January 26

Maedi will not be impressed, but this video launches in Windows Media Player for me (on XP). TP if you are on a PC, perhaps you could make Windows Media Player the default application to open this type of video file (?). Maedi is having a 'day nap' but when he gets up he is certain to offer better advice.Jeremy that is a good idea about having ABA as a stamp. We could keep it very plain and simple or make it more ornate like the one in the video. I had also thought of engraving ABA in the bottom of bannetons that we provide to members. We are going to make sure that our beautiful stamp is more than an ambiguous marketing ploy...we are going to publish the ABA standard for all to see on this site.Graham

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Graham 2008 January 27

Jeremy after all this time contributing, it would feel odd for you or other long-time posters to pay an initial subscription! I think that the ABA
will need acknowledge the 'founding contributors' by providing introductory
ABA membership
at no charge. We are extending membership of existing ABA members until the end of 2008. It would be a privilege and a pleasure to have you on board.Graham

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TeckPoh 2008 January 28

Yay! I downloaded the latest windows media player and it worked! These frenchmen are so passionate about food and the way they speak about it is so spirited! *swoon*

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