Veg box bread


Inspired by DL's potato loaf I have been trying ways of using vegetables leftover from the weekly organic vegetable box.

A week or two back I made a celeriac and fennel seed loaf
Here is parsnip bread


1000g flour (150g wholemeal)
500g starter (100%)
550g water
150g grated parnsip
50g honey
20g salt

baked in a pot
interestingly the loaf was seriously overproved (at least I thought it was), left for about 8 hours while we went out for lunch (not back till after 7pm, at which point it was trying to escape from the banneton), but there was still a lot of spring in the pot.


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TeckPoh 2007 December 5

You're such an inspiration, Dom!

My one and only pot bread was also overproved but didn't show any ill-effects. One wonders if with enough moisture in a hot enough commercial ovens...breads are less likely to fail?

I'm putting those silicon gloves in my christmas wish list.

SourDom 2007 December 5

I suspect that you are right TP.

It may be one reason why home bakers have a harder time than professionals - the home oven is less forgiving

hope you are well

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