some spare time baking


Had bit more spare time last few weeks and got great starter going and today not only I had time to bake but even take and post few pictures.


this was 400gr wheat starter (100% hydration)

900gr white

56gr wholemeal rye

56gr spelt flour

22gr salt

570gr water

so 70% (i like high hydration)

is cold so i'm super lazy how I deal with my dough

mix it all, 10min x3 10sec kneading, stretch/fold every 40min twice

divide (1x1kg, 2x0.5kg), round it up, rest for 10min, shape and in to the bannetons and left in turned off oven overnight (4am till 1pm)

pull them out (could leave few more hours easly) slash, spray, bake on stone at 260C for 15min (10min for sticks) and then another 30min (15min for sticks)

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