Small and Shattell


 Hello I have a complete small and shattell oven front That I am selling and thought there may be some interest on this site.

I have the cast iron 2 door firebox

The cast iron wide fronted arched door oven

and the old brass gas lamp? that swings into the oven.

They are in very good condition and I believe they came from an old bakery in Prahran.

The man I bought them off got them off a mate 20 years ago who demolished an old bakery in Prahran. and said they came out of there. This man is no longer alive so that is all the info I can get.

They came from a farm in North East Vic and are in excellent condition with no cracks in the cast.

The firebox baffle plate is also fully intact 



Any one interested can email me on

[email protected]


Lachlan Buchan


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