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 When I was travelling, I ate this particular bread, I don't know it's name but I will try to describe it as much as I can. If anyone knows the recipe or it's name please kindly post it.  

Bread: I think its a not so sweet milk bread, very soft and chewy. the crust was also very thin and soft.

Stuffing: there was cheese inside, a type of white cheese. I want to know what type of cheese it was. It wasnt too salty like feta. 

How it was assembled: It was pull-apart type, balls of dough filled with a small piece of cheese and several balls stuck together inside a foil pie plate. It was sticky due to being drenched in honey or syrup. It reminded me of a honeycomb. 

I fell in love with it when I ate it. Since I didn't speak the native language so I had no way to ask for the recipe. 

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neko 2012 April 13

 visiting my dad in Saudi Arabia. I don't speak arabic so I couldn't ask the baker about the recipe.

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LeadDog 2012 April 14

 I don't know arab breads but that is helpfull as someone might know of an Arabic bread like that.

neko 2012 April 14

 I don't think it's arabic bread cuz the cuisine of Saudi is influenced a lot by other cuisines. It maybe french, italian, spanish or greek.

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