Saving a firm starter?

This is kind of ridiculous. I made way too much of a firm starter, meaning I added bread flour and water to my regular rye sourdough and I don't have nearly enough extra flour at the moment to make more loaves (I think i would need another 20-30 cups worth).
Has anyone had luck storing their firm starter. Would there be any life left in it? Can you freeze it? I know you can do these things with your barm, but what about when you've basically made a pre-ferment out of it already?
Oh yeah, and I'm new to the forums. Happy to be here although feeling kinda dumb right now.
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Johnny 2009 September 13
Welcome Reinbag :)Sorry but I have no idea about freezing. I have left my starter for up to 2 weeks in the fridge and it recovered ok after 3-4 refreshes. I have read somewhere that you can freeze it but then again I have also read on another thread advice against freezing. I guess you might have to experiment with some in the freezer.If you decide to freeze some let us know how you go trying to revive it.cheers,Johnny
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Millciti 2009 September 14

 So how much starter do you have exactly?  Can you give us a grams or cups estimate.  You could buy a bunch of flour and make up dough for pizza.  It works pretty well for freezing.  Pancakes a good way to use a few cups... So how big of a mistake did you make?


ianmartin 2009 September 15
I used to keep some "firm" rye dough starter in the freezer in case I lost the one in use day to day.I would keep it for several months before defrosting and using it in a dough (and then placing a new bit of starter in the freezer) Wrap it tightly in plastic, the firmer the better - hope this helpsIan 

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