1st World of Bread Contest "Taste and Nutrition"


matthew 2007 January 23

Very nice photos Renaud. The Italian pain au levain looks amazing.
It must have been fun to be there watching the action live.


jbaez13 2007 January 23

Nice pics, man! By the way, everyone reading this needs to look at the first picture on the third page of the gallery. Pure beauty.

jbaez13 2007 January 23

where Javob?
Go to Renaud's link titled "All the pictures." In that gallery, it's the first picture on the third page. Non-breadheads may call me weird, but I find this beautiful LOL.

Pab's picture
Pab 2007 January 24

Indeed, fantastic pictures.

So...Tourte de Seigle - to keep the crumb compressed and to stop the loaf 'doming' is it baked with a weight/lid on for the first twenty minutes or so?


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